Reading is important at all ages, even the teenage years

We all learn to read at a very young age, and focus on it primarily in elementary education. However, reading is important at all ages. In fact, I would argue that it is most important in the teenage years.

Why is it so important for teenagers to read? Because reading is an essential skill in the workplace, at home, and in life in general. At the teenage level you are finally able to read larger volume texts, novels, articles, and any other form of written material you can think of. This allows you to really expand your vocabulary and exercise you mind.

Reading fiction stories allows teenagers to keep some of that vivid imagination they had when they were younger. Reading non-fiction helps them learn history or new skills It can even improve their life by reading articles or books focused on self help.

You might think that in the digital age we live in now that reading would not be as important, but that just isn’t so. Reading has just moved from paper to computers, tablets, smart phones, and other forms of digital media. Of course digital media also means more video and audio information, but there will still always be written digital media as well.

It is so easy as a teenager to get wrapped up in video games, television, YouTube, or the movies. It is more difficult to sit down with a great book. However, a great book has many more hours of entertainment value. Therefore, we should constantly be encouraging our teenagers to do more reading. Whether that is suggesting interesting fiction stories, getting them interested in learning more about historical figures, getting more information on career paths that interest them, or just keeping up with current events through online articles, doesn’t really matter. All that matters is that reading more will be very beneficial in the long run.