Top 3 Recommended books for teens

Although each teen is different, has a different style and enjoys different topics, there are several good books for teens, no matter what their style, and no matter what fashion and trends they are into. With all the movies and tv shows which aren’t in touch with reality, here are a few great books which can both teach and amuse your teen, and given them something to do over the summer other than play video games and stay on the computer all day long. These books range from fiction, non-fiction, novels, and history, which offers a wide range to choose from, and get them well versed in several topics of study.

  1. 1776


First, 1776, by David McCullough (history). The book outlines the indivdiuals who marched with President George Washington the year the Declaration was written, and the entire future of America was depending on that moment. It offers a great read, interesting subject area, is easy to follow, and doesn’t delve too much into history and tradition, but rather, tells the story of the date.

2. 1984


Another great read is 1984 by George Orwell (science fiction). After the great success Animal Farm, this class tells the story of what life will be like in the future. It is based on past world events, and how events during the time the book was written (1949), and future events to follow, shaped his fear about the way the world will turn out in the future. It delves into both futuristic events as well present history, and is a novel based on Orwell’s personal belief.

3. The Alchemist


The Alchemist (religion & spirituality), is a simple read, and basically breaks down the steps in the journey which mankind takes in their lives, in order to live a rich and meaningful life. The main character, Santiago, dreams about finding treasure in the Egyptian temples, and shows how people learn to trust their heart and minds, while taking such a journey, and how human beings can attain any goal if they just allow their spirituality lead them.

There are several good books for teens, these are just a few which touch on three different areas of literature.

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