Why reading is good for teenagers

Reading is a significant skill that should be grew in children. Not only is it important for continued existence in the globe of schools and (later on) colleges, but in adult life also. The capacity to know about new topics and get useful information on everything from health disorders and customer safety to more educational study into discipline or the arts depends on the capacity to read. Futurologists used to forecast the end of the written word but, paradoxically, Internet has made reading increasingly a part of person’s daily lives. The paperless people are a legend. The computer’s capacity to perform and examine statistics denotes that continuous difference on information and other sorts of articles can be and are made. Internet, itself a vast new source of recreation and information, is based on the humble printed word. To efficiently use the web and evaluate the legitimacy and importance of what is available there; both critical thinking and reading skills are of major use. Some teens prefer to go outdoors with their friends instead of staying at home watching TV, they’re always looking for ways to discover new things.